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Face-to-face classes

Come and enjoy classic yoga classes in small groups of 6 people to improve your practice or get started.


Wednesday & saturday at 9:00 am

1h - maximum 6 persons

Atelier Mandala

29 rue du Creusot, Croix 59170 - France

The class is designed for people searching to learn Yoga postures (āsana) as a tool for meditative practices. The postures of the Kaivalyadhama Yoga Institute tradition are used for this purpose without disregard of their therapeutic benefit. I’ve been exposed for many years to other postures traditions and they have inspired this class enriching and allowing me to individualize the class even if we are in a group. The class finishes with breathing exercises from the ancient Yoga tradition. It is also a great practice for helping you regain a healthy sleep pattern and support the recovery from other stress/anxiety related illnesses.

Crédit photo : © Nathalie Rozak

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