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Face to face or Online training for Yoga Teachers

Nomad Yoga Shala Lille

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A personalized program of two month of daily pranayama practice.

We meet every week for 1 hour practice and evaluation. There is total of 8 classes plus one free.

After that you have the option of a 6 or 12 month continous support.

This program is availabe online but please mind the limitations of an online setting for assesments that need a face to face.

The program is directed more to practice than theory. The effects of a pranayama practice can only be felt if it is constant, sincere and correctly guided.

This is not a certification, this is acquired after many years of practice under the guidance of an accomplished pranayama teacher.

At the end of your training I will provide a letter certifiying your time spend with me on a one to one learning and practice setting.

Prerequisites: be a Yoga teacher, commit to having a daily pranayama practice, have jala neti and patience.

Crédit photo : © Philippe Chappet

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Āsanas for contemplative practices

The program consists of a series of 4 modules of 2 hours each

- Stress/Anxiety

- Insomnia

- Seniors

- Adolescents

It's in a group. It consists in covering restorative postures specific to each need. Variations depending on the mobility of the person will be learned.


Prerequisite: to be a Yoga teacher. Having the restorative Yoga equipment is preferable but not essential if you don't have the budget right now. You will be amazed at what we can do with what we have at home when we don't have the material.

Crédit photo : © Onanchi Urena Chappet

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