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Nomad Yoga Shala Lille


Discover Yoga differently

Take time for yourself

The practice of  Yoga was taught in old times in a individual basis. A teacher will pass the knowledge to one or three students. I feel this is the best form of learning. It allows me a knowledge your individual need and design a personal practice for you. This will allow you to understand better what you do and this is the seed of a sincere practice.

Regular practice is advised, have a time you dedicate to self care.

Crédit vidéo : © Nathalie Rozak

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In these times of change and challenges, it is easy to lose ground.

Classes are intended to help you find tranquility and calm mental turmoil.
Since 2007 i have been studying and practicing the Pranayama tradition of Kaivalyadhama Yoga Institute under the guidance of my teachers Shri Dr OP Tiwari and Dr. Paul Dallaghan.

Crédit vidéo : © Nathalie Rozak

Yoga classes

NomadYogaShala_Onanchi Urena_Chappet

Crédit photo : © Onanchi Urena Chappet

Come and practice classic Yoga in a small group of 6 people.

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Crédit photo : © Onanchi Urena Chappet

Online or at home, benefit from an individualized approach.

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Yoga teacher training

Are you a Yoga Teacher?

I offer two Personal Development Programs to help you deeper your pranayama practice and also deeper your understanding on asanas used as a tool for contemplative practices.

Nomad Yoga Shala Lille Urena Chappet


Manu M. de la Torre. Founder of Emprendedores del Yoga

I've known Onanchi for years now. All I can say about her is that, besides from being a good friend, she is an incredibly talented and inspiring yoga teacher. Oni is not an average yoga teacher though! There are a few things that make her stand out from many other yoga teachers I know:
Her commitment to keep growing and her eagerness to keep learning: Onanchi is a humble student in the first place, and that allows her to keep improving as a teacher.
Her simplicity and her sense of humor: She will explain things in a easy and FUN way! You'll never get bore with her. While being a very sicere in her teaching role, Onanchi is never "too serious".
Her knowledge of the different aspects and limbs of yoga: Onanchi knows how to bring the yoga beyond the yoga mat and her students know how to do it.
So, if you are considering working with Onanchi in some capacity, I would say GO FOR IT. You will never regret it!!!!

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