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My story

I’m a long term student. My field of research was the Natural Science as a Biologist interested on animal behavior, then it switched to Indian Philosophy: the studies of the Self by Yoga. I wanted to understand how our minds works.


As for many, my curiosity started with yoga āsana 18 years ago then I had the auspicious encounter with Paul Dallaghan from Samahita Retreat that started me into the Kaivalyadhama Yoga Institute pranamaya lineage 13 years ago. Paul skillfully guided my practice for many years and also introduced me to his teacher, Dr. O.P. Tiwari ji. I met Tiwari ji 11 years ago, and since then my practice and studies main focus has been Pranayama. He checks my practice every year and I’m grateful and inspired by his humbleness and dedication.


I’m a certified Yoga teacher in continuous training and education, moving around the world with my family and my yoga studio.

Currently attending a 4 months Certificate Course on Consciousness Studies and Self-Awareness: Modern Science and Ancient Indian Wisdom by Academy of Research for Cultivation of Indian Sciences - Kolkata and Kaivalyadhama Yoga Institute - Lonavla. 

Nomad Yoga Shala Lille
tradition pranayama du Kaivalyadhama Yoga Institute

Crédit photo : © Onanchi Urena Chappet

Nomad Yoga Shala Onenchi Urena Chappet_edited.jpg

My vision of Yoga

Yoga is described as “the suspension of the mind fluctuations” (I.2 Patañjali Yoga Sutras). It is a state where your personality is integrated. An advanced state only accesible through discipline and a long term commitment to your practice. Not any practice but the ones unopposed to calm the mind.


My engagement to Yoga teaching is to show that we can all access, from a centered place, a state of peaceful connection and reduce divisions inside of us and with others. Peace of mind is the result of a correct practice. Postures (āsana) help us to relax the body of unnecessary tension that keep us from sitting with ourselves and observe the cacophony of our minds (citta), mostly negative thinking. The body shouldn’t disturb us. Yoga happens through the body. Breathing techniques have good results if we keep a good posture, so the breathing muscles are free of movement, and an attitude of sincerity.


If we dedicate enough time and repetitions then another aspect of our personality shows up: our intellect (buddhi). This one deals with more logical and positive thinking. Here is where our Yoga journey really starts.

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